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Ign - Hellraiser: New Trailer Released Ahead of October Release

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Lol another removed ign comment. Ign be loving them groomers!

Either way I'm not sure how I feel about this. Doug Bradley isn't interested but this just seems like wokism at is finest. Now hellbound heart had much different cenobites and the books pinhead was androgynous with a childlike girls voice. The problem is this isn't hellbound heart. It's a continuation of the films, even though everything after 2 was shit. Hell on earth was passable at best, Forgettable at worst. The character in the films was more masculine. Making the new character a man dressed as a woman, dressed as a demon doesn't make it similar. Definitely not the same. Maybe there's a twist and Kirsty is now pinhead? I'll watch it, hopefully it's fine but I just don't see the purpose in this type of casting. This isn't a great person for the job or else 300lb bald guys would be cast as hearthrobs in Hollywood.