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IGN - A Detailed Look At The New Cenobites in Hulu's Hellraiser

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I dont get the need to make pinhead a trans woman (so man who says hes a woman albeit feminine enough to pass) when this is a real continuation of the original cinematic series. Pinhead was a guy in those movies and if this is continuing from those then they should have found a replacement for Doug Bradley, well a good one.

If this was a reboot or real film off The Hellbound Heart, then yes, this would work because the description of the cenobite pinhead in that one would match this but its not a retelling of Hellbound Heart.

I'll check it out since its still more hellraiser, even though only the first 2 were good, but it was just an unneeded diversity change and when this flops they'll ignore the population majority thats not interested in it and blame "cuz intoolerunce!"