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My son Hunter review - in progress

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Watched my son Hunter last night. Was very low budget and meh at best. The guys playing hunter and Joe were good but the actors around them were pretty bad. It did show a lot of the corruption their family is into but nothing nobody didn't already know and would have hit harder had they used actual news footage in more areas vs recreating them.

The dialogue was awkward at times. You don't need to just shoehorn in every Joe quote just because. 

Side story was pretty unnecessary. They should have simply just made it a pseudo docu instead of trying to add emotion. 

I'm not going to say something was good just because it aligns with personal beliefs and preference and it just wasn't that great. I did enjoy the 4th wall breaking. They should have replied solely on all that to tell the story instead of making up some person he was dating to run through the PowerPoint slides.

The camera work was pretty bad too. 


I'm going to proof this up later. Hate writing on my phone.