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Whitlock: Dave Chap...
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Whitlock: Dave Chappelle attacker a symptom of the BLM-LGBTQ ‘replacement theory’ undermining the American family

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Black Lives Matter created Isaiah Lee. America’s rotting family structure created Isaiah Lee. The rot is far more than our rapidly rising divorce and illegitimacy rates. It’s not just single-parent and divorced-parent kids running wild in major cities. Pampered, delusional, ungrateful, and bitter two-parent kids are running wild on college campuses.

Too many American parents have prioritized money, flat-screen TVs, smartphones, laptops, video games, lavish vacations, designer clothes, and multiple cars well ahead of faith, authentic engagement, patriotism, discipling, and fostering a culture of forgiveness and gratitude.

America has raised a generation of bitter and narcissistic radicals. Our young people are obsessed with recording their own personal history. They’re stars of their own "Truman Shows."