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Fire with fire people! - BLM Shaun King threatens New York Post reporters: 'I know where you live’

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BLM activist Shaun King is threatening to doxx multiple New York Post reporters and their families after the journalists published a series of unflattering reports about the controversial activist's lavish spending and purchases.

King claims he advocates for the poor and disenfranchised communities. He is retaliating against The New York Post journalists whose reports exposed King's lavish spending, including a lakefront property purchase.

Kevin Sheehan co-wrote a report on Tuesday about King defending the purchase of his $40,000 mastiff guard dog named Marz, who said the purchase was necessary to defend his family from white supremacists.

King posted a photo of Isabel Vincent to his Instagram account on Wednesday and threatened the journalist for the second time. He vowed to make her life "uncomfortable" and said that he knows where she lives, and where her "kids play."

Well he obviously has a family and kids as well, they must play somewhere, correct?

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