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Schools allow teachers to wear LGBT ally badges, despite parental backlash

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I couldn't care less about some badge or pin BUT nothing that could seem remotely political should be allowed in the classrooms and that's exactly what all this basura is. Its all political scamming to seem like certain people are FOR helping and lifting others up when the Martha's vineyard debacle PROVED unanimously THEY AREN'T! Its all political escapade.

One side complained the other was using people for political stunts, well they are. It's the left using LGBT..... NO, just GT. You can be gay or can be trans but still like the opposite sex which would make you trans straight but SORRY if you are a gay woman you are just gay. Nothing extra special about you. Man, woman, you are just gay. Bi...... well thats just gay too. You dont get a special letter.

Anyway. The left is using migrants as political pawns by inviting them here for sanctuary to begin with and GT by acting like they really give a rats ass about them. Mind you even the regular every day gay people just don't want to be bothered with the loonies like these badge wearing groomers.

So to end this..... let them wear their badges. Send your kids to school with MAGA badges that send others to a link on how awesome the MAGA movement is. I think fair is fair.