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Study: Trans People...
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Study: Trans People Suffering Because Straight People Won't Date Them

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Boo hoo.....

A study of transgender individuals and their dating prospects insinuates straight men and women are furthering the suffering of those in the trans community by refusing to go out with them.

I have a liberal socialist tenant, hes actually okay though. he asked that to me once

"would you date a trans woman...."


"but what if she was really hot"

"no, its a guy"

"but its really not a guy"

"okay, then when your not a guy decides it also wants...... servicing, will you be putting its salty not a guy's deek in your mouth?"

I never saw anyone almost change their entire lifes beliefs faster. thats the biggest problem with the left. they never look more than 4 feet ahead. its always just about THEM at THAT instant. Pure selfishness disguised as selflessness.