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So don't pay rent a...
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So don't pay rent and after 2 years you no longer owe the money????? WTF

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So they decided to NOT pay rent and then leave and think because 2 years went by they dont ever have to pay?

Whats wrong with the mindset of some people today?

Why do you feel like you just don't need to pay for products and services anymore, what "entitles" you to this? Please, do explain? Can I walk into GAP and just take clothes because.....? The new owner is putting their OWN time and money into upgrading a dilapidated home and only looking for 1400 a month, which is still LOW for New Haven and people still think they don't owe anything, even the comments here in the article lol. Where can you go and live for "free" on someone else's work, time and money? Ill wait, please do answer.

The moratorium did NOT entitle people to free rent forever, it entitled them to a pause and all moneys owed would be on the end of the pause. Moving out did not negate that. The owners of these properties still owed their mortgages, insurance and YES TAXES which paid for services the tenants still used through the city. Sorry but I don't feel for these tenants, they knew what they were doing and had an expectation the moratorium was going to keep trucking and they could live for free. I saw it everywhere during the last year+. Its funny, this person buys the property and repairs it and gets hate. Had she bought it and left it without raising rent she would still get hate from the same people here for owning a slum. Sorry but the problem isn't her, its YOU. People who are whining in this comment section are just not happy people in their own lives. They are miserable and hateful people who feel entitled to things because "they never asked to be born". Just pubescent children. If you do not like paying rent then you can get a loan and buy like this person and many others have. No one OWES you a house.