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substack - Forget the Blame Game — Nord Stream Sabotage Is About The Great Reset and NOTHING Else

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This is actually an edit, its a reply I posted and really feel like it should be out there.

we here still have the ability to coordinate, congregate and fight. Why we dont baffles me. Fighting doesnt always mean conflict but sometimes just a show of strength, force and will. We have the right to bear arms and a vast amount of the police and military would side with civilians if they knew they also werent doing it alone. I have tried to organize and preach for mass protests for a LONG time. We saw what 2020 brought with the riots, theft and violence and we sat still. Maybe its our turn?????? Not to loot, burn or kill but to just show up. side by side. Not do anything, just stand there and let them know we still FAR outnumber them.


C'mon people we CAN do something. Sitting does nothing. Just like in most circumstances this doesn't affect "me". My life is half over, and I have no kid's. I'm legitimately wanting to do SOMETHING because its the right thing to do. I built this place to hopefully offer a vocal place where we could organize these protests..... or should I say "Show-tests" because honestly instant action will be nothing but an all out war, but showing up in vast numbers and just being there can be even more frightening.