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Jan 6th..... false ...
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Jan 6th..... false flag. Biden is a deep state puppet plant, Trump won, Down with the EU..... this is not parody.

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I think pretty much how I feel is in the title.


Now whether or not Trump is also part of "the plan" I have no idea but I do know my gas was sub 2$ and things were a LOT more fun. I also believed after Joe Burden was puppet planted into the white house the loony left was simmer down but instead they have doubled. its almost getting to the point to where the LibLeft is kind of our taliban. They do insane nonsense, attack people, engage in terrorism and the regular left, though against it, doesn't point a rolled up newspaper at them and scream "no... NO, stop it!"

If we sensible people who actually have the ability to maturely compromise dont start actually fending these loons off and sticking up for those of us who do, we're ALL going to be majorly screwed.