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Ireland needs to REALLY fight back! - Politics into "conspiracy" (I guess)

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The new legislation means that anything viewed online that has been deemed “hateful” by fact-checkers will result in prison time for those who have viewed or shared it.


I'm going to "predict" this. Ireland, Italy, Greece, and possibly a couple other countries (Spain, portugal, etc) are fully leaving the EU to be rid of their over bearing push in migration, speech control, carbon BS and coming social credit score and digital currency. The other nations wanting to stay in this mode are going to lean WAY more communist into a CCP style governance and become increasingly totalitarian and controlled.

We will see new global alliances made for trade and war allies and a LOT of people trying to escape the communist countries. Those countries will have limited food, luxuries and freedom in the name of their climate religion while the other countries will start seeing greater freedom and wealth.

I also see a coming war but not with bombs. Its going to be done with pandemic diseases. Covid was a test run to see how well a disease can be released and controlled for weaponization. The communist countries WILL create a disease then release it. They will already have a vaccine and claim they just made it and how well their society functions. All I can advise is if you are in a non communist country you DO NOT allow any trade, travel or outsiders from other nations you do not trust into your own. test EVERYTHING for contaminates so you can stay one step ahead of the attack by creating your own medicine. In the end it might just be better to do first strike and create your own pathogen to halt them in advance.

The US has an opportunity to decide which side it will side on but I have a big feeling north america on a whole is going to drastically change. the US will be split up. There will still be a US but more than likely consist of 25-30 states and the other half is going to be separate into 2 other countries since they will not be connected by land. the new USA will be somewhat "V" shaped in the center of the country with a bell out at the bottom. the far east and west will become 2 new countries. The same will happen with Canada and Mexico and the all will align with whatever new country they lean closer to.

The migrants in the non communist countries will first flee to the other side due to fear of deportation and to avoid deportations. Eventually even they will become disgusted with their new life and wish to see change but it will be too late.

Africa is going to be the place we all end up fighting over. Its going to be the hub of the new world where once again countries will fight for resources and land. There will be new deals and alliances with african countries and we will see a vast amount of military and naval bases being constructed all over the continent. It will vastly improve the standard of living there. This will be both a blessing and a curse for the people. I see a lot of turmoil there during this process of social division of the land to and from the people.

South America is going to be a hot bed. There is going to be too much internal fighting and devastation for any country to go there for a long time. We are going to see alliances between the US and countries like India and Russia all coming together while China, Germany (a major instigator in all this), some of the nordic countries, Iran, etc creating their own major alliance.

There will be peace........... then there won't.