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Missouri Man Shoots...
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Missouri Man Shoots and Kills Armed Robber Who Held Knife to Gas Station Clerk’s Neck - Fellow gun owners PLEASE be careful and DO NOT be lured into false idolization or false flags

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I love these stories, and I'm oddly seeing a bunch lately BUT I think we also need to respect the privacy of the "hero". Just like we don't want mass shooters publicized because it creates copycats I don't think we want to start making everyone think they're a vigilante and we end up with a bunch of "well I thought he was" stories.

I don't put anything past our media, nor anything past "the.... not our, the" government to start wanting some false flag vigilantes out there to also create anti gun hysteria. I carry and am willing to use and protect and I'm sure many of you are. None of us should look to be symbols or tik tok stars over it. I worry about the people who WANT to be seen as a hero ruining it for the rest of us.

Be safe, Be honorable and most of all Be Humble

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