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Two people found gu...
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Two people found guilty in brutal murder of Colorado Springs covid nurse

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Vinn "Elise" Heath, a biological man who identifies as a woman and whose legal name is Cohen Heath, was found guilty of murder in court on Friday in the brutal slaying of Colorado Springs mother and nurse Bridget Kenner in April of 2020.

According to police, Heath partnered with a biological woman who identifies as a man, Emma Kenner, Kenner's child who goes by Kenny, in the grisly murder. The two were romantically involved and were found to have stabbed 44-year-old Kenner to death in her home. She was found deceased on April 28, 2020.

Yes I removed the word Trans from the title. I honestly dont think its needed but is integral to the content of the article. Its like when the liberal mainstream media uses "white cop" or etc in their articles. Its simply meant to be a hot word to antagonize our own self disdain for each other and ourselves. Other than that though I find it funny that the content these two mongrels were posting on sites like twitter and facebook were never flagged or removed/suspended? I DO NOT understand why people still use those social media sites. Just start deleting your accounts, you need to douse the power and authority they have over society. It starts with YOU.