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Pay your fair share parents! End the child tax credit!

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For everyone who complains about corporate loopholes, or tax write off we landlords and property owners get, eat my butt. I think the child tax credit is the biggest and worst loophole of them all. YOU are deciding to have kids. Its a choice and decision of commitment and responsibility and when you decide to say "yes" you need to take on ALL the responsibility. That means financially too.


Writing your kids off as dependents is basically putting all the burden on those who dont have kids. Mind before you say "well then have kids too", half of you moe's with kids NEVER should have so telling someone who decided they wouldnt be good parents to be one is even MORE irresponsible and your kids should be taken from you because youre just nothing but bad decisions.


To me youre the ones using the schools, parks and child resources like food and daycare programs so why are you NOT paying into them equally, if not more? I think parents should pay the same exact taxes as everyone else and NOT be able to write off their children. Pay your fair share.


People want to "claim" their kids are "future tax payers" but nothing make me laugh harder since every generation is getting lazier and lazier and just wanting more and more handed to them. Your kids are going to be lazy slackers who cry for a UBI and free healthcare so they can be 40 year old Moe's themselves just playing on tik tok and getting fat like something out of a bad black mirror episode.


Dont complain about education and healthcare budgets when your trying to maximize your returns so you can all take a disney world vacation....


PS, I dont care about punctuation or grammar online so I will ignore ANY people who even try to use that as their rebuttal.