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NYPost - FBI hero p...
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NYPost - FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust ‘persecution’ of conservative Americans

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He says he was removed from active investigations into child sexual exploitation and human trafficking, to work on J6 cases sent from DC. He was told “domestic terrorism was a higher priority” than child pornography. As a result, he believes his child-exploitation investigations were harmed.

He also has reported his concerns about a politicized FBI to Republican members of Congress, among 20 whistleblowers from the bureau who have come forward with similar complaints.

I'm actually being serious. I just don't think the country is getting fixed. Its time to re allocate. Canada down we re run borders. Their center/right conservatives can join up with ours and we just re migrate to the areas that suit us. I mean DEFINITELY the conservative side gets the parts with oil reserves since the left will be all solar and wind. We can see which side is better off. They can do their universal healthcare and show us how well they can run it and how many businesses will actually want to remain in their areas when their owners taxes are so high they will basically be working "for the better good of the people".

In the end it will be the conservative side doing their thing, farming, creating energy, starting businesses and creating jobs, while the left fights over hair dye. I can see in about 5 years our border being just in fluxed with lefties realizing their ideals are stupid and trying to get in. It will be miles of blue and pink haired caravans clawing at our walls like Day Z.

But hey, who know's, maybe they will start their utopia with eating bugs, electric cars, and transhumanism..... MAYBE lol. I'm willing to take those odds on our side though.

That's really the funniest part of all this. Right now the conservatives are basically willing to say "yeah let's just split up. I'm willing to try and secede.", but the left KNOWS they don't have any people with the ambition to actually keep an economy going. They all think they're some weird intellectuals and their ideas are currency of the world. They need the ingenuity and work ethic of more conservative minded people or they will have NO economy because NO liberal is going to go out into a field and actually install solar panels. They all think their teacher, and the type of people who will just be "running things" and the migrants will do the hard labor. I'd LOVE to see how that will work out lol.