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Movie Theater Owners Warn of 'Disastrous' Consequences to Minimum Wage Increase

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I went to Ireland 2 years ago. our first meal there our waitress was actually like from Minnesota or something, there for her boyfriend. We asked about tipping protocols. I then asked her where she made more as a waitress here or back in the states and there was zero hesitation. She said back in the states 100% because of tips and taxes. We already see tablets in most restaurants now replacing servers. This is going to shoot so many employees in the foot and their short shortsightedness and own greed is blinding them. I will never tip if I know the server is making 15$ an hour. Plus I KNOW My meal is going to go up in price so I'm already paying there. These jobs people are complaining about are just that, jobs. Not careers.
When I worked at Home depot while putting myself through college and living on my own I didn't stay at home depot even though I was one of the youngest yet higher paid employees due to my trade experience. I stayed there until I found a better job with better benefits while I finished school. Then I used the housing boom to start buying rental properties. This is how life works. If you aspire to flip burgers your entire life you deserve minimum wage, I'm sorry. If you had kids early and think you cant do anything else, well, you should have had an abortion. I'm pro choice, difference is I actually mean it.

Wait until min wage goes up, layoffs start, businesses close, those making 15 now no longer get government help and the economy tanks.

I heard a very interesting interview on this. Those pushing for this are the walmarts and amazons who can afford to pay the 15$ yet treat their employees like shit. They know this will destroy middle America and put small/mid size main street companies out of business. Your all being played by the corporate shills you claim to hate and its pretty funny. You whine about corporate greed yet think your own is divine?