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Human Composting Is Now Legal in California, Leading the Way to 'Soylent Green'

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"Unlike cremation, the process avoids the burning of fossil fuels and emission of carbon monoxide"


The body releases a shit ton of methane when decomposing. Kind of worse than CO actually.

When the body decomposes it releases large amounts of methane. Methane is 25%+ more dangerous than carbon to the enviroment, traps way more greenhouse gases AND almost no life on earth can use it like plants use carbon, hence the lefts infatuation with cow farts (though they love to smell their own). So tech cremation is a more environmental friendly way to get rid of bodies BUT we all know newsom is going to have a financial stake in this and his re re tard followers will just lap up anything he says. Like when he said he was in a 78 degree room while wearing a 200$ fleece cover up. What a douche.

But you anti capitalists keep capitaliz'in. I'll be cremated, mixed with pudding and fed to old liberals in a home. And BOY do I plan to give one deadly bout of the shits!