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Fight fire with fire people - its time

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So these retards do dumb shit and put their faces out there. They attack people, destroy property, try to ruin others lives. Well I think its time to fight fire with fire. Cancel with cancel, and strong attacks with and even stronger defense. Sorry but its just at that point now. If these tards want to show up on someones lawn, then get bigger groups together to show up against them, they want to dox and stalk people, well time to do it back but harder. They want to call places and harass or threaten them not to host well then ruin their lives in return. It wont end until we make it end and you already see the government is NOT on your side in this. The communist running the offices right now are using these drooling masses as their expendable little brown shirt army. Well its time to make their pants brown too if you know what I mean. Everyone knows the places they will be attacking. Maybe its time to wait out there?