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the federalist - Jacinda Ardern Makes Clear At The UN She Wants Global, Illiberal Censorship

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In her speech, cloaked in the same trendy euphemisms popular among American progressives — and probably familiar to the depots and theocrats in attendance — she warned that the internet had been corrupted and weaponized by bad actors who spread mis- and disinformation and hateful ideologies. And the only way we can stop this “weapon of war” is to come together and create a set of “rules and transparency.”

The practical point is that whatever good you think suppressing speech might achieve, sooner or later, every censor in history expands the definition of mis- or disinformation to attack political opponents. One of the ways they do this is by conflating genuine disinformation and hateful rhetoric — which exists in abundance and always will — with legitimate debate. A good example of how this works was on display when American media, big corporations, and the FBI worked together to shut down inconvenient stories about Hunter Biden and “the big guy” to help elect their preferred candidate.

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