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Liz Crokin Report Pizzagate Exposed: Part 4

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On Sept. 2, 2014, Susan Sandler sent an e-mail to John (podesta) with this question: The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus?

John replied to this email stating: “It’s mine, but not worrying about it.” Now again, ask yourself, why would some elites have a map of pizza? How can you have a map of a food item instead of a geographical location? Clearly, the words used in this sentence make no sense. Victims have said handkerchiefs are symbolic to pedophiles because they’re often used during child rapes. Brace yourself, this is sickening, sometimes child predators place handkerchiefs under their victims during a rape. After the violent criminal act is committed, they save the handkerchief as a token since evidence of the rape such as semen, blood and other bodily fluids are left on it. Kim Noble, a favorite artist of Tony Podesta, has depicted this act in multiple paintings.

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The use of the word “map” is also interesting considering there’s been a strong push from the left to replace the word pedophile with MAP. MAP is defined as a minor attracted person. Make no mistake, the goal with rebranding pedophiles with a politically correct word like MAP is to desensitize the population to child sexual abuse with the end goal of normalizing it.