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American Muslims on Trump’s iftar: Thanks, but no thanks  


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06/06/2018 8:43 am  
"I was not invited to the White House iftar, but I would not attend if I were," said Dalia Mogahed, director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.
"Attending this event, especially during the holy month, a time of introspection and spiritual growth, would be inappropriate in my view as it would appear to normalize this administration's behavior."
The left is just so mature. Just go and use it as a platform for real discussion of what bothers you. I cant understand how someone can support overly restrictive gun control then in the same turn be wide open to just letting people from dangerous countries walk in at any time. I can only assume this is their major complain, the spooky "muslim ban". I can honestly see any other "behavior" from this administration they would be bitchy little pissants about.
On a side note, FUCK YOU CNN, why does it take SO long for your sites to load on my T1 line?!?!?!?! Fix dat shit!


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