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Elon buys Twitter -...
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Elon buys Twitter - so?

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So the question is if twitter was actually a leftist propaganda tool, which we all know it is, then WHY would they even sell it? I see only a couple situations here.

1) twitter was already swirling the bowl anyway. let it go for a profit before its completely worthless

2) theyre still going to use it as a propaganda tool anyway but now with its "free'er speech" they only stand to gain MORE monetization

3) the creators are just going to make another app/site like it anyway and make money off the launch


the final non numbered option is like I have said numerous times and that is we are always being played. The pendulum swings back and forth and the powers that be see the social culture shifting back to the more center right and want to grab a hold of it before its too late and they lose control. Fucking reptilians.

In the grand scheme of things this literally means ZILCH. Twitter is a website and nothing more. Just like pagan deities, the judeo christian god, or some glorious leader.... it has the power you give it, nothing more. Sad to see it was damn near godhood status for so many people.