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ChromeOS is just gr...
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ChromeOS is just gross

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Had a google pixel slate for a year, returned it. The device was so awful and I had so many bugs and RMAs that they actually took the return. ChromeOS to me is in this weird infant stage of promises never to come. They dont use ANY real software, minus a few linux apps you can install IF your device supports linux, but any of the linux apps are easily replaced with google ecosystem products. They also DO NOT run the vast majority of android apps well. What does that leave? Web Apps..... ewwwwwwwwwww.

Web apps are so ill conceived and nonsensical right now it doesnt even behoove google to push them. Go look in the web store in awe at the atrocity that it beholds. I told a friend of mine it should be illegal for google chromeOS to be on anything priced over 300$. In the words of this author "If you’re one of the many people who aren’t wrapped up in professional software, video games, or the Apple ecosystem" You know what that leaves????? Web Browsing and content digestion, WHICH you can easily do on a 300$ or less chromebook.

For a student on a budget who just needs to research and write papers for class then spend a couple hundred bucks and you will MORE than get your moneys worth but spending 1000$ on a chromebook is asinine. One thing that irked me as an android user was the simple fact that Android has a multitude of decent music recording and production apps. One in particular, audio evolution pro, works great. There wasnt ONE decent music recording/production for this 1000$ chromebook. Again, you can web search and write papers..... thats all. ChromeOS is going to be another google memory soon like so many other things. Sad though because there are so many google products I like and still love android, vanilla android.