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Therapy (emotional support) animals are just getting out of CONTROL!  


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17/12/2018 10:26 am  
This is ridiculous and honestly if you need something to make you feel "complete" or relaxed you cant expect the world to bend to your whim. I'm a landlord and DO NOT accept dogs. I'm finding people are not claiming every dog they have is a therapy dog, and sadly its super easy to get a doctor to just give a note for you to claim this. I dig further and will even ask for 3+ months extra security (because that's still legal for pets) to detour them but honestly I cant just say "no dogs" and have it mean "no dogs" anymore. I'm sorry but at the same time, if you NEED a "therapy animal" Im going to deduce you are probably not in the mental state I would want to rent to. If this was for something like seizures I can understand, still wouldn't rent to you, but I would understand more.
Any other land lords thinking this is just ridiculous? You cant even deny a PITBULL! If the pitbull is a therapy animal you are screwed.
At my other halfs job she was telling me a while ago people were trying to bring SMALL HORSES to work and claim them as therapy animals? Whats happening here, Am I in the twilight zone?
The reason Im bringing this up is because I just rented one of my places and the amount of people who try to claim this is just getting retarded.


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