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The real meaning behind a world government

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Does anyone else basically see the idea of a one world government or global union basically just a reasoning for the elite to place THEMSELVES in some utopia away from the commoners under the guise of "governing" so they can live in decadence while everyone outside their little island of Sodom basically just toils endlessly for them?

I cant help but think of Elysium. There is that theory that the elites cant do anything without first provisioning the public for it through media and conditioning but I truly think they are just trying to set up a new feudal system. The super wealthy will be allowed to buy their own lands where they want, the government will all live in some super advanced area after the local people are displaced, in the name of the public good of course, and then all of us will basically be working in their factories, genetic farms, etc etc. They will then use bureaucracy and media to drown out any real grasp of this new order.

Hell most people wont even care because theyll get their rations and comply so they can play on the new government controlled internet where all their pro new world order team dance videos will instantly get them a million bot likes and replies.

Those that dont want to comply will basically be pushed off land. They will be told they can go live on their own but in reality they will be herded up for other use. Most likely slave labor for the most awful jobs they wont want to risk their obedients for.

The military at that point will already be filled with compliant non questioning goofs and they will be of no use. On top of that I really dont doubt this booster BS is just a way for the government and mega corps to make you dependent on them even more.

"Oh you want to rebel? Great no 6 month booster for you, hope you like dying because its the only thing keeping you alive now".

Right from birth you will be given the "vaccine" and from that point on only a booster every 6 months will keep that heart pumping.