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Retarded is an AMAZ...

Retarded is an AMAZING word!  

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I'm sick of people whining about the word "retarded". I'm sick of moderation against the word. To me the word retarded is one of the funniest and most direct words you can use to point out that someone is an inane moron or just plain fool. I love saying it and I love when people use it towards me. 

I've used this word since I was little and way before the social justice PC SJW crowd thought they were so self and societal aware that they needed to protect small "vulnerable" portions of society from the awful people like myself. Between the EIGHT MILLION times I've heard the word used, or used it myself maybe FOUR times it was actually used to be directed towards someone with an intellectual or mental disability but for some reason or another the libby libs feel like any time the word is used someone with a learning disability cries and an angel loses its wings. Did they ever stop to think THEY are the only ones still equating these two random descriptions together and the rest of the world has kind of let that one go so the word can evolve and mature into just another FABULOUS slur we can use day to day to discredit anyone but no one in particular?

Retarded was one of those terms that once meant intellectually disabled or mentally slow. Back then it was "I guess" a medical term but there were a LOT of these terms and they kept changing. Whenever someone asks me not to say retarded I ask "can I say they're and imbecile" and when they almost always say "you shouldn't call anyone names but its better than retarded" I love pointing out that imbecile was a medical term that once also meant retarded but then...... didn't. It goes to show that both words CAN evolve to mean new and different things and that those people are fucking retarded and usually don't have any idea what they're trying to defend. Not only does trying to defend the word hinder the progression of speech and free speech but it also continuously forces society to think that mentally disabled people are IN FACT retarded. So for every person who thinks they're helping you're really perpetuating the connection. YOU are the ones who are causing the problem not us. It's like when people scream that a certain minority is STILL already at a disadvantage at birth. NO.... NO, just stop! All YOU are doing is telling a person "don't try, you won't actually make it anywhere you're too disadvantaged. No worries though..... I'M here to protect you" (elbow nudge). People who believe it's their job to morally subjugate everyone else in the name of some other vulnerable person are really the ones keeping them vulnerable just to appear relevant. It's like at work when people have continuous non stop meetings just to justify their job. NO ONE LIKES MEETINGS, JUST STOP! Send me an email with the info I need!

The reason I bring this up is because of a recent forum moderation I just had by changing "retarded" to "re tar did" to bypass a censor. It's not even the moderation that bothers me. I wear moderation like a badge, it's just people's antiquated views on holding onto this retarded nonsense. It's like calling your buddy gay. "Dude you're so gay" or "Stop being a faggot" doesn't mean the person is homosexual, it just means your being annoying or odd. Only difference is we still say homosexual people are gay because saying someone is "homosexual" just takes too long.

In the end just stop mitigating speech. Yeah no one has to listen to it, and you don't have to like it. You also have the right to say "hey I don't like that" but in the end if I prefer to use certain words and you don't like them, just stop being a bitch and don't be around that person. If more people end up with them over you then suck it up and realize you're the one that's the problem.

Oh before you get all shmarmy and think you're being witty "derp this post is retarded". There I just killed your day and that makes me smile.