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lol How do you get ...
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lol How do you get permabanned from a cuck sub? I guess by calling them cucks?  

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I actually was joined on this sub, not because I personally feel the way they do but I thought most of the stuff was hysterical. Like usual though all good things come to an end and some uptight asshat on a board that literally just does nothing but bash chicks called someone else (IE me) an incel? For some reason calling him a triggered bitch was too much though and Im sure he reported it and a mod temp banned me. I guess telling the mod I wasnt coming back to his cuck sub reddit wasnt a good thing and my ban was "changed to permanent"..... OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO'zzzzzzzz

All in all most of the people on there were actually pretty funny. I did have to point out a few times I was only there for the lolz so maybe that ticked a few mods off too? I dunno. Whatev's its their club I guess, I had my fun.