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Liberals haunted by...
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Liberals haunted by social media tactics they use against the right  

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the media outlets The New York Times is painting as victims used out-of-context video clips to claim that a group of teenage boys from a Catholic high school in Kentucky engaged in a racist attack on an innocent Native American Vietnam veteran. The story was a complete lie — fabricated by left-wing activists and circulated by some of the country’s most “prestigious” newspapers. They did it because those teenagers wore MAGA hats — and in the sick, twisted minds of today’s liberal journalists, that makes them and their families legitimate targets.

CNN, which the Times also portrays as a victim, went after an obscure social media user for making a meme of the president wrestling a figure with CNN’s logo. The Daily Beast, another left-wing outlet, once doxxed a black forklift driver because he posted a meme about “drunk Nancy Pelosi


I've found this coming out through Trump more than anything ever before. Inevitably what ever they bash Trump on a week later some tweet or video comes out showing the left somehow did the exact same thing. The left has been completely populated by mentally ill children who like to do the pointing but hate being pointed at. It's really a GLORIOUS thing how this is all happening.

I think the biggest issue is their convoluted view of their own intelligence level. They think flagellating each others egos by circle jerking the same talking point over and over and over and OVER somehow makes it true and makes them more intelligent than others. They want to make everyone else think they're stupid and just by being indoctrinated into their religion of about 7 bullet points you can also have the privilege of looking down on others who don't share them. Their intolerance is getting more brash and even more violent every day.

In a form of willfully ignorant contradiction everyone "not them" is racist, or homophobic, or sexist, or something something something yet they don't recognize their own condescending view of everything and everyone "not them" as intolerant and bigoted. To me that really makes them some kind of "ist" or "phobic".....