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IGN - Marvel's Eter...

IGN - Marvel's Eternals Openly Gay Character Will Be Married With a Family  

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Marvel's Eternals Openly Gay Character Will Be Married With a Family


Heres a comment chain I started from within that section. IGN tends to delete these but I really do feel this way about society and their excessive push on LGBTQ matters.

I will also say this.... YOU ONLY NEED "GT". Those are the TWO that matter. If you're Bi.... well you are actually gay so that supersedes your heteroness. No wrong in that, just how it is. If you're lesbian.... HEY GUESS WHAT! YOU'RE GAY! Being Gay isn't just for dudes, you're not special,






I will say Trans stands on its own because you can be trans but NOT homosexual. By the way I prefer homosexual over gay because I like calling things and people "fucking gay" and Im not giving that up for society. Its like using the word "retarded", neither of those two things mean what they used to mean. Just gives those words to the ether already.

To finalize.... Queer is homosexual.... like how are gay and queer different... THEY'RE NOT!

If you really think about it, you need GT. That makes it sound "cool". Like a sports car! vroom vroom!


Heres the comment chain.


Krazy K Scorpian:

It's shaping up to be more great MCU films for comic fans that aren't afraid of equal representation and progress


Evil Nick:

define progress? I think people have a very real disconnect on what actual "progress" is as a species. They misinterpret people just "not caring" and going on with their lives as usual regardless of other peoples lifestyles as lack of progress? Should we be high fiving every LGBTQ I meet or we're not making "progress"? (YOU ONLY NEED GBT, by the way)

Krazy K Scorpian:
Well it would be progress if no one on here was offended by a gay character being talked about for this film.
There are still many people in America and the world that consider homosexuality a sin, representing it on equal standing in a film helps show people that it's nothing to be afraid of. Some people will never change but others have minimal exposure to these things and it helps to see it so that they can become comfortable with it.
Evil Nick:
yes and that will never change. Just like people will vilify those people for THEIR beliefs. neither is honestly more right and more wrong than the other, its all relative. The faster people get over that, THATS progress. By the way, I think IGN has deliberately messed with their comment section when it comes to articles like this. Other articles I can link back and respond to comments right from my notification area but articles of a more debatable nature just 404 out. I wouldnt mind continuing this (if you want to) if you want to move it to my site. Ign isnt going to let it happen. fuktos. I think Im going to post it there myself.

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