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Census: Inequality ...

Census: Inequality grew, including in heartland states  

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Funny Just had this friendly conversation with a tenant of mine. Hes a young really bright kid but EXTREMELY liberal. After listening to him tell me this same drivel I asked him if hes ever met someone who works as hard as me and he said "no". I then asked if ANYBODY today really wants to work as hard as people did 50 years ago? "no".
Yes there are issues from technology but there's also the issue of cheap immigrated labor and even our now "global economy" letting companies just up and leave or create headquarters and centers in India for pennies on the dollar.
People today would rather put all their focus on their youtube channel than being productive. They don't want to work hard and want everything "paid for" so they can play on social media and be "a star". STOP! Just STOP, do something productive! Leave your youtube career for a side gig..... 
I have a great suggestion for this issue though. LESS PEOPLE! Maybe people should stop at ONE CHILD, yes crazy idea, or even just not have kids. Less people would solve most economic issues and even most of the climate issues the left keeps crying about. Just have less people!