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Are video games a hobby?  


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06/06/2018 9:24 am  

Personally I don't consider video games as a hobby. I know there are some problem solving skills needed in some games but in the grand scheme of things you are simply a button presser. Most games barely utilize any real thought now a days anyway. How much actual thinking goes into god of war, most call of duties, or most popular button mashers?

To me a hobby is also something that would probably enforce some kind of skill that could be used elsewhere or even turned into something monetized. My "hobbies" include, writing and playing music (Bassplayer who dabbles in Drums and Guitar), bee keeping, fitness, handyman/mechanical knowledge and aquarium setup and maintenance among many other things.

If you designed video games then I could see that as a hobby if you played them but to me it equates as listening to music over actually playing it. If you learned enough about actual music to contribute to the system of it then by all means consider it a hobby. I guess you could say if you played games enough to start a website or blog about games then you could consider the games a hobby but if you are just playing them then its simply basic recreation, no growth.

I had this discussion earlier in another forum and someone threw the usual rebuttal of Meriam's definition.

Definition of hobby 

plural hobbies
: a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation


But failed to put in the rest

  1. Archaic. a small horse.



  1. ride a hobby, to concern oneself excessively with a favorite notion or activity.Also ride a hobbyhorse.

Origin of hobby1
1325–75; Middle English hoby(n), probably for Robin, or Robert (cf. hob2), used as horse's name, as in dobbin

So a hobby is also a small horse.... and the word was created in 1325. How many consoles were out in 1325 again? Back then your "hobbies" were horse riding, archery, fencing, dueling and dying of the flu.




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