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Our so called conce...

Our so called concentration camps  

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So children are stuck in detention centers......

Can I ask why people are so mad at the Trump cabinet for wanting to screen people at the border when technically its our law to do so. Then add the fact that our system is SO bogged down due to the massive caravans being let through Mexico our holding centers are seriously just over crowded. Should we start raising citizens taxes to pay for all this? How about wipe out all money going to the new stylish "opioid crisis" and put it to lavishing up some holding centers instead? Would you all mind diverting funds cause I personally dont want to pay more, yet people are screaming about kids stuck in these places for weeks +.

Now my BIG question. Why are you again mad at Trump and his people when you should be mad at

1) The parents of the kids who are bringing them here because it used to mean insta-entry, which was horrible

2) Um..... MEXICO because they COULD be stopping this but refuse to. They let the caravans through, feed them, give them water and even truck them. Know why? BECAUSE MEXICO DOESNT WANT THEM! People you should be diverting your anger at Mexico for not giving these "refugees" (LOOSELY used) amnesty because technically with Mexico being their first country of entry, they have to be the ones to process them...


Start being mad at the right people you dinguses. Its like everyone who is mad at Trump because their state taxes increased after the republican tax plan. Yeah lets be mad at trump instead of the state (mostly blue ones) for making insanely high taxes. Learn to direct your anger correctly and stop being children. 

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