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abortion and child ...

abortion and child support  

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First I have no kids, and never personally wanted any. I also have no friends or family stuck in a child support situation
I'm as pro choice as you can possibly get. I personally think there aren't ENOUGH abortions done every year.... no day. I believe that yes it's a woman's choice what to with her body, BUT I also think the man should have a say in what happens to his life and wallet. I'm sorry but the choice on what to do with YOUR body is your's but the man is not part of your body. So why if YOU choose to keep the baby and the man is willing to pay for the abortion should he be confined by YOUR choice which should only bring consequences to you? Honestly its a bit discriminatory.
You would argue the child is being punished but until birth its not a child, which is a huge argument for the pro choice people and even if you go further into it, after birth, again you chose to keep it. No child support and no welfare assistance if you do. Maybe temporary assistance but you have to have a concrete cutoff date. You should be happy you get to write your kid off on your taxes. I don't personally like parents get to do that either. 
I say if the man is willing to pay for the abortion and you decide to keep it then he gets to sign paperwork and walk Scott free of all financial and parenting responsibilities. He loses all rights to the child but he doesn't have to pay a dime. I think its a fair proposition. So many women scream about getting to have a choice on what to do with their bodies but so many never utilize the choice and the child eventually becomes a burden on the system and people around her/them.
Im SO pro choice (how pro choice are you?), that I think this might actually push MORE women to have those cherished abortions. I think it would REALLY save a lot of money as well, once it comes down to assistance, education, healthcare, possible prosecutions in the future, and many other avenues of systematic drain.
Think this is fair? Why or why not?
I want to figure out a way to introduce this as a new bill.

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