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Youtube and Twitter...

Youtube and Twitter competitors  

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We now live in the digital age. Amazon Prime, Netflix and free porn, YAY! Biased Social Media and censorship.... BOOOOOOO!

We keep hearing how places like twitter, and youtube have been blocking and banning conservatives and censoring non left leaning views. I myself just got locked from twitter for this tweet which I still refuse to delete because, well, fuck twitter. Twitter can eat out my hairy Dago ass. Just last week Mitch McConnel's twitter was locked because HE was getting death threats from crazy left wingers saying they wanted to jab a knife through his heart. To me that's a "red flag" for investigation if I ever saw one. I mean a couple of fratters take pics with an AOC cut out and its the end of the world but say anything you want about killing a conservative. Twitter and facebook even openly made a rule that liberals can threaten conservative with death with no regard or repercussions but conservatives will not be tolerated.

Well I say...... GOOD. FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Stop whining like little liberal pissant bitches who don't get their way. This country was built on the foundation of hard work and if you're not getting the product you want then you make that fucking product. We live in a capitalist/consumerist mecca where competition is meant to thrive and ideas are meant to flourish yet we have ALL become complacent since facebook that "this is what we have" and the idea of searching out something else, OR better yet, CREATING something else is just fucking absurd. Its like people think the internet is a fucking rose garden and these social media sites just grow from the ground on their own. They are built by people just like you and I and we people are what make them flourish as well. So instead of feeding the rose garden of someone else, who you obviously don't like...... just plant our own. Stop being the weeds for them, let them become our weeds.

Here are some competitors for big brands that don't censor like the big brands do. Please add to the list. = Twitter

Bitchute = youtube = reddit

Are they all as good? No, is this site? OH GOD NO! But they are ours and can become as good if we work to make them good. Some right now are filled with overt nonsense and outright racist shit but things take time and the more of us sensible people who start migrating to these, the more sensible and fun they will become.

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