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Why do people like ...

Why do people like the Nintendo Switch?  


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04/02/2019 10:02 am  

Whats with Nintendo fanboys and the "thank you sir may I have another" attitude. Every console they put out they seem to promise all this stuff to come and every console they seemingly, well, don't. 

I guess yeah if you like most of the lame first party Nintendo games you'll be "okay" but in the end you're usually going to end up with a large library of games no ones heard of, look VERY past gen and seem regurgitated. 

I mean how many mario games can there be? Why do you guys like them. They're not fun, they play like kid games and they're always the SAME GOD DAMN thing. They tried something new with Breath of the wold but honestly that game was an infuriating, repetitive bore.

Everytime I tell someone the switch has a SERIOUS lack of games they always bring up this 1000 number, yet failing to say how about 999 of those are garbage indie phone games. They're literally OUYA games. Yet when OUYA was coming out these same people said how OUYA was shit and no one wants indie mobile games on their TV, yet what are you doing now? You're playing garbage indie games on your TV.

We have a hend held (yes I own one, sadly) that is actually powerful enough to play ps3/360 era games... yet they put out the same 2d SHIT and trash indie games. The only moderately decent games are ACTUAL ps3/360 ports we've all already played to death, way to stay behind the ball Nintendo! Why not actually invest in getting NEW major game titles in this vain? No one is saying get RDR2 on the switch because thats impossible but some new AAA style games would be nice and ACTUALLY WORTH the 50-60$ you idiots are charging for Cursed Mummy, which is a ps2 game and you want 30$ for it? You want 50$ for Skyrim????? I paid less for my PSVR Version, AND THATS VR! You want the same price for Switch DOOM that I just paid for Kingdom Hearts 3!

This system is going to end up just like the WiiU in another year. I guess it doesnt matter though because you weird Nintendo fanboys will still talk about how great it was and how much you loved your lackluster library of games. Hey you always have Arms..... yuck. 


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