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[Sticky] Mission (?)  


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01/06/2018 10:27 am  

This site was designated as a non biased, non partisan place where people can freely post what they want, how they want it, with ZERO regard for someone's feelings. If you are sick of commenting on news articles, or opinion pieces only to have your comment reported, deleted, censored, banned... etc etc then simply copy the link here, post your thoughts and go to town. If you can post your link to your forum post there and direct others to contribute. Memes, gifs, and blown out insults welcome! We will not mod unless there is something completely illegal being posted. We will not censor or take sides so don't look for a report option, and if you try to report someone expect yourself to be banned. Don't be a Nancy and just have fun with being a piece of human garbage for a while.


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